Where to begin. 

We'll never get the big picture of how widespread it is, either in cities or across regional Australia, because there is no way of quantifying the number of people who are couch surfing, sleeping rough in a car or living on the street.

So what do we know?

The stories we hear tell us that some people can be just one event away from finding themselves homeless. It could happen in an instant. Others may be experiencing a number of complex issues that have been building up over time.

Relationship breakdowns, having no support system, poverty and financial crisis, domestic and family violence, mental health, the chronic shortage of affordable housing, and more.

At BaptistCare HopeStreet we see it all. People sleeping in their cars. People passing away within reach of our front door or surrounding streets and alleys.

They often run - from their families and friends and their support systems - straight into drugs, alcohol and other addictive behaviours,  which leads them into the path of the police, where their problems escalate significantly.

We see that homelessness changes a person’s entire wellbeing. There is isolation and extreme social exclusion. There is a higher risk of early death, particularly in Winter, and a strong likelihood of being exposed to violence.

Inequality underpins your every move, with nutritional food, health services and employment rarely accessible. Survival is instinctive, yes, but it also relies on your capacity to protect yourself and your “patch”, night after night.

What we do

Supported Accommodation

BaptistCare HopeStreet provides supported accommodation to women and children who are escaping domestic violence and seeking to rebuild their lives.

It can take years to recover from the experience of living in distress every day, terrorised and vulnerable through manipulation, control and fear, and the women living with us will often spend the first few months trying to rediscover a sense of safety for themselves and their children, while also finding a new school for their children, and possibly seeking training or employment for themselves. 

We come alongside each woman, offering individual counselling as well as a range of ongoing educational, financial and parenting programs tailored to meet their needs. We also help our clients to access government and legal support, particularly for those women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Each child attends our Break Free program, run by our specialist children’s counsellor, who supports them as they overcome the distress, sense of loss, and lingering grief experienced as a result of witnessing or being victim to domestic and family violence. The program also gives children assistance with tutoring and education.

HopeStreet Locations this service is offered: Bankstown Campbelltown Warilla North 

Housing for Seniors

The journey of life can take many unexpected turns. For a lot of people who have entered Community Housing, it is because of a major incident in life that has turned them around to being left with almost nothing.

Homelessness or the threat of homelessness often leads to a range of health and wellbeing challenges, so we provide help to financially disadvantaged older people who are homeless, or have insecure accommodation. Our team provides assistance in obtaining appropriate, sustainable and affordable housing, linking people to care service providers, and keeping them connected with their local community, to prevent isolation.

HopeStreet Locations this service is offered: Tuggerah

Food Support

HopeStreet welcomes many people living with disadvantage through its doors every day, to enjoy nutritious, wholesome sit-down meals.

Most often, they are homeless and the meal we provide might be the only meal they eat that day. It’s not just about the meal though; HopeStreet is a safe and welcoming place where positive friendships are built and the sense of community is strong.

Food support extends beyond sit down meals at HopeStreet and crisis food packs are also provided often to individuals and families who lack the basic items to make a meal.

HopeStreet Locations this service is offered: Dubbo Grafton Mayfield Port Kembla Wallsend Wellington Windale 

Community Space

Our Community Centre plays an integral role in communities as safe and welcoming place for people who are experiencing homelessness or living on the margins.

HopeStreet provides a place where some of the most lonely and vulnerable people in our community are supported to address key issues, such as personal health, drug and alcohol dependence, mental health and housing needs. Responding with compassion, practical care and support, we assist people to develop skills that build independence and resilience.

HopeStreet Locations this service is offered: Dubbo Grafton Inner City Mayfield Port Kembla Wallsend Warilla North Windale 

Street-based Outreach

HopeStreet provides a street-based outreach service that provides practical care and support to vulnerable people, including people who are experiencing homelessness, are socially isolated and are living on the margins.

With our outreach street van, our team provides free meals, tea and coffee, cold drinks, clothing, blankets, referral and advocacy services. Street-based outreach allows us to engage and provide food to people living on the street or people who are struggling with food affordability. The service acts as a key referral point to our HopeStreet Community Outreach Team, which supports people to find housing and access support services.

HopeStreet Locations this service is offered: Mayfield

Low Cost Groceries

Food affordability is a significant issue experienced by families and individuals who are struggling to make ends meet.

Access to low-cost and nutritious groceries means that people can stock their cupboards, and redirect much needed funds to other living costs such as household bills. HopeStreet’s low cost groceries are sourced from our local food partners, and include everything from fresh bread, to cereal, fruit and vegetables and cleaning products. At HopeStreet, we believe that everyone has the right to access food that is affordable and nutritious.

HopeStreet Locations this service is offered: Grafton Wallsend Wellington Windale

Housing support for people in need

If you’re not already experiencing trauma or mental health issues, it won’t take long once you find yourself homeless.

We, like many services, acknowledge that this is one of Australia’s most urgent and complex social issues and we need your support to help address it.

So how do we do this together? At BaptistCare HopeStreet we approach every person as an individual. This means we get to know them by name and take time to hear their story and what they want to share with us. Every person has a past, a future, and right now they have challenges and needs. 

These people are so much more than just what we see on the outside. They are often women escaping domestic violence, people who never had safe or loving homes, people living without relational support and care or any number of other situations and circumstances.

They have hopes, dreams and desires. They are sleeping rough for a number of reasons and all we can do is try our best to accept them as they are and do whatever we can to help.
Will you join us?