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We know the drought doesn’t discriminate. It continues to decimate livestock, destroy livelihoods, upheave childhoods, bring Mums and Dads to breaking point, and cause the most vulnerable in our rural communities to struggle for survival.

Vulnerable people like Gordon. Working the land as a drover and sheep shearer until his health gave out, seventy-year-old Gordon knows the impact of drought all too well.

“I’ve lived this before. Twenty years ago, a lot of my friends went to the wall because of the drought. Now more people are talking about it, it’s so widespread. Everyone on the land needs help – there’s no income here and won’t be for a very long time,” he said.

“What really gets you down is the fact the drought is lumped on top of all of life’s other problems. I see many people who wouldn’t survive without HopeStreet,” said Gordon.

As one of the only services reaching people with food relief in Dubbo, BaptistCare HopeStreet’s Manager Karen Windley says food support meets the immediate needs of the drought-affected community.

“We are experiencing high demand due to the drought. While immediate in nature, food support often is just the first step in understanding one’s needs,” said Karen.

Beyond daily breakfasts and food parcels, HopeStreet is also providing relief through food and fuel vouchers that support local stores, utility payments, rent assistance, no interest loans, and counselling.

Your support will help us continue to provide food relief and vital services to our farmers and rural communities.

HopeStreet creates a strong and caring community where people can connect, share experiences and find support. This is the case for Gordon who visits everyday.

“I come to HopeStreet, and Tom’s sitting next to me. He’s an ex-farmer from out of town. He’s just lost his wife, his farm. He’s got nothing,” said Gordon.

“We talk about the old days…It keeps us alive. I look forward to coming to HopeStreet. It feels like home.”

Your support means BaptistCare HopeStreet’s doors will remain open in Gordon’s time of need.

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