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Our Counselling & Family Services are still operating, providing counselling appointments via face to face, phone or Zoom. Please call our team for an appointment: 1300 130 225

Our Campbelltown centre is a safe and welcoming place where people can address key issues including relationship problems, social and financial exclusion, as well as housing needs. It is also a place of safety and healing for women and children who have experienced domestic and family violence and where opportunities for change are provided for men who use violence and abuse.

Many people face issues that are complex, which can feel overwhelming and difficult to work through. Some of our clients also live with disadvantage, and when faced with so much, the burden can be heavy.

It is here where we strive to create a place of hope, where the individuality of every person is respected, people’s strengths are acknowledged and where we provide pathways to rebuild and transform lives in a holistic way.

What we do

Men’s Behavioural Change

Facing Up is a program for men who are seeking to move beyond their familiar destructive patterns and take responsibility for the abusive behaviour they use with their loved ones.
This includes becoming aware of the consequences of their choices and behaviour, for themselves, and for those who they love.

The program is all about giving men the real opportunity to be the father and partner that they really want to be, and to create safe and respectful relationships.

Living Beyond Abuse Support

Living Beyond Abuse is a support group for women who have experienced domestic and family violence.

Being a part of the group allows women to meet other women in similar situations, support each other, improve their self-esteem, reduce self-blame and explore options as they seek to rebuild their lives and find hope for the future.

Our Living Beyond Abuse group also takes place in culturally safe environment, with content specific to women from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) backgrounds. The group is co-facilitated by a BaptistCare counsellor and a trained ATSI group worker.

Parent & Child Relationships

Our Circle of Security program helps parents to be in tune with their children's needs and build strong and loving relationships with them. The program gives parents knowledge and practical tips that allow them to understand how they can best respond to their children's behaviour, create feelings of stability and security for their child, while building their self-esteem as a parent. The program also explores strategies in supporting their child's emotional development and resilience for school and life.

Parenting Support

Pathways to Parenting is a specialized parenting program for parents who have children in out of home care due, to child protection concerns. For parents who want to build stronger relationships with their children,  the program gives parents the opportunity to openly share their stories and experiences, deal with issues of grief and loss, look at how to repair what went wrong and explore being the parent they want to be. 

Supported Accommodation

BaptistCare HopeStreet provides supported accommodation to women and children who are escaping domestic violence and seeking to rebuild their lives.

It can take years to recover from the experience of living in distress every day, terrorised and vulnerable through manipulation, control and fear, and the women living with us will often spend the first few months trying to rediscover a sense of safety for their themselves and their children, while also finding a new school for their children, and possibly seeking training or employment for themselves. 

We come alongside each woman, offering individual counselling as well as a range of ongoing educational, financial and parenting programs tailored to meet their needs. We also help our clients to access government and legal support, particularly for those women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Each child attends our Break Free program, run by our specialist children’s counsellor, who supports them as they overcome the distress, sense of loss, and lingering grief experienced as a result of witnessing or being victim to domestic and family violence. The program also gives children assistance with tutoring and education.

Counselling & Relationships

We wholeheartedly believe that positive relationships have power to transform lives.

Our clinically trained staff provide counselling, relationship support programs and training in a range of specialised areas. We stand by our clients through their complicated life circumstances, including times of family separation, divorce, adolescence, depression, domestic violence, sexual abuse and suicide. This work is underpinned by the belief that each person is unique, loved by God and worthy of respect, dignity and inclusion. By respecting this individuality, we create safe environments where personal wellbeing can thrive.

No Interest Loans

Giving individuals and families access to safe and affordable loans

Our No Interest Loans are absolutely free of interest, fees, charges or penalties. They’re about giving individuals and families access to safe and affordable loans for everyday items such as white goods, car repairs, school uniforms, computers and medical bills.

People with poor credit history, or a string of bad debt and no spare cash, really struggle to find the funds for these every day or emergency costs, which can lead to substantial hardship. This basic financial support means that individuals and families are able to look towards their future, with a loan that empowers them, rather than adding to the cycle of debt.

Domestic Violence Counselling

Helping women rebuild their lives and find hope for the future.

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