Our Purpose & Hope

BaptistCare HopeStreet is a trusted place in some of the most vulnerable communities offering hope to people living with disadvantage and distress.

At HopeStreet, we offer unique services that meet the local needs of disadvantaged communities and people living on the margins, by reaching out to those who feel they are on the outside.

Our clients are seeking to overcome great personal trials such as relationship breakdown, domestic violence, homelessness, and mental health or addiction issues.

We also connect with people who are caught in a cycle of poverty and debt, and often have diminished choices and opportunity to break out of this.

We understand what our clients are experiencing as ‘the working poor’ or families living with disadvantage and unemployment, and we offer support that has an immediate impact on wellbeing, including no and low interest loans, a hot meal and low cost food, as well as the friendly faces of our Chaplains and volunteers who make HopeStreet ‘home’.

We’re all about providing an environment, where the message of hope is loud, powerful, and real. We seek to empower our clients through both the practical support we provide, as well as through the friendships they build with us and others in their local community.

At HopeStreet, our Community Centres are hubs where people gather, community is strong, and lives are transformed.

Our dream is for every individual to have somewhere safe and secure to sleep, to live without hunger, to have access to fair finance, to be free from violence and abuse, and to have the choice to access education and employment. We believe everyone deserves hope for a better future.

We can’t do this alone though. We’re so grateful for the valued support of people, churches and businesses who share a passion for meeting the needs of people where they are at, and providing them with a hand up, and we encourage you to join us in providing hope and services to people who need them most.

Our Shared Values

At BaptistCare HopeStreet, we create strong and caring communities that value personal well-being and each other. When these values are shared, it has the potential to transform lives.

Among the thousands of individuals we meet each day, we see that people want to be shown genuine loving care, to be respected as an individual, to be empowered to live well, and to always feel confident they have someone they can rely on.

We value what you do, and that’s what makes us who we are.


We genuinely care


We respect individuality


We do what we say


We empower customers to live well