HopeStreet Dubbo is reaching out to farmers who are doing it tough, with a special event on 11 October.

As reported by the Daily Liberal, BaptistCare HopeStreet in Dubbo is holding a special event on 11 October at Memorial Park, Tottenham for the farming communities of Tottenham and Gulargambone. 

Following the fundraising activities of Sydney's Macquarie Anglican Grammar School, a donation of almost $10,000 was handed to the HopeStreet Dubbo team, to put to use in supporting drought-affected farming families who are experiencing a severe drought.

For Central West farmers who grow wheat, cotton and canola, and livestock including cattle and sheep, conditions are expected to worsen, while tougher water restrictions will be implemented across Dubbo shortly. 

As Karen Windley, Manager at HopeStreet Dubbo told the Daily Liberal, "We contacted farmers in the communities and asked them what they wanted us to put the money towards and they asked for us to put on a family day for farmers to get their minds off the devastating drought," Ms Windley said.

"A lot of these farming families have major health issues, they're suffering the loss of a loved one or another traumatic event which would happen inevitably, but then with the impacts of the drought on top of that it's just devastating," she said.

The event, including a barbecue, children's rides and activities and other delicious treats will be an opportunity for the farming community to come around each other, with the HopeStreet team being available for ongoing support.

The HopeStreet Dubbo team, who are based in Darling Street, are seeking to lift the spirits of the communities  by connecting and listening to them and their stories, while also providing practical support and much-needed financial assistance.

Your support will help us continue to provide food relief and vital services to our farmers in Dubbo. Donate today to support the work of the HopeStreet team in Dubbo, who are caring for farmers and their families.