Four and a half years after an ex-boyfriend murdered young mother, Tara Costigan, BaptistCare HopeStreet continues to honour the former BaptistCare employee with Tara’s Angels.

The service provides women in the ACT who have experienced domestic and family violence with up to two years of post-crisis support through caseworkers, who walk alongside them - mentoring and empowering - with practical and reliable support.

At the forefront of delivering support services and seeking to create awareness and education around domestic violence, HopeStreet is also committed to raising much-needed funds for its vital services.

Its annual Halo Ball, entering its fifth year in 2020, will again give guests an opportunity to honour Tara’s legacy, as they come together to raise funds to expand the Tara’s Angels service.

Long-term supporter and donor to HopeStreet’s domestic violence programs, Robyn Sefiani from Sefiani Communications holds closely the value of helping those less fortunate. 

“Every little bit counts. I believe a percentage of your salary or company revenue is a good way for people to give what they can afford. As a regular monthly contribution we don’t even notice it, but collective donations add up to make an amazing difference in people’s lives,” said Robyn.

Robyn’s support of HopeStreet’s domestic violence services was solidified when she attended one of the first Halo Ball events. 

“When my colleagues and I attended the Halo Ball two years ago, and heard Mary [a BaptistCare client] speak about her own domestic violence experience, I was shocked. Mary was a woman just like
me: born and raised in rural NSW, in a professional family, articulate and aged over 50. The difference though, was that Mary had suffered domestic violence for years at the hands of her husband.”

“Mary, very bravely, escaped the marriage, fled the town and found help and support in Sydney with  BaptistCare. My colleagues and I decided then and there we wanted to help Mary and women like her. We learned that night that domestic violence doesn’t discriminate by race, location or whether you’re poor or rich – it’s happening in homes everywhere at an alarming rate.”

“I support causes I care about, where I feel my financial contribution can make a difference to someone’s life or many lives,” shares Robyn.

“What I like about BaptistCare HopeStreet is both the support provided to victims of DV through housing, counselling and group programs, and the behaviour change classes they provide for men who are perpetrators. We need to stop the abusive behaviour in addition to helping the victims.”

To donate to Tara’s Angels, visit today.