Through BaptistCare HopeStreet Women’s Services, hundreds of women in some of our most vulnerable communities have found hope amidst their disadvantage and distress.

Every woman who accesses HopeStreet services has her own story, her own strengths, and her own motivations to bring about change.

She may be experiencing homelessness or escaping domestic violence; working in the sex industry or struggling with addiction; coping with childhood trauma or living with mental illness. Many live with a combination of all factors.

HopeStreet Women’s Services provides case management and counselling, makes outreach visits and welcomes women who drop in for support in an environment that is warm, dignified and safe.

With the consideration that each woman’s story is unique, the Women’s Services team walks alongside her to enable the transformation she seeks for herself. In doing so, women whose lives were once shaped by violence, fear and trauma can begin to find their strength and reclaim their voice.

“I now feel like I’m somebody… I have a new perspective. I now have no fear. I feel important and like I have a future. I am strong, confident and happy.” Eileen*

“I have a safe place now, this is my family. I feel like it’s my second home.” Trudy*

“They support me. I feel like I have power to start my new life. I am much more confident and I hope I can also help people one day.” Kay*

“Sometimes I feel so alone. But you guys are my family… One day a lot of stuff had happened and I was in a panic. The only number I remembered was the HopeStreet number so I could call and get support”.Kiki*

We need your support of the women accessing HopeStreet Women’s Services:
  • 98% have experienced at least one significant violent event. 
  • 50% have experienced violence in the last 12 months. 
  • 60% are experiencing homelessness or have experienced homelessness in the last 12 months.
You can make a difference for women like Eileen, Trudy, Kay and Kiki.

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*Names changed for confidentiality