In her mid-twenties, Georgia is clever and quick-witted with a grounding and understanding of life beyond her age. A No Interest Loan (NILS) through BaptistCare HopeStreet has opened up a new direction for her as she faces the challenges of fibromyalgia, an inflammatory muscle and joint disorder, and autism in a neurotypical world.

“I’ve been through some really negative experiences in the workforce and life in general, really. I’ve tried attending courses in other educational institutions and it’s so difficult. Some people can’t understand my struggle with energy levels and my need for an assistance dog. It really wasn’t supportive.”

When Georgia learned she had access to fair finance, she spent her time doing her research.

“I found a $1,400 course that had flexibility in deliverables, remote learning and time limits. I paid for it with the NILS loan. Having the ability to do it online, at my own pace, is really good.”

Georgia has since set up her own business, Able Beauty Co. from her home in Alstonville, Northern Rivers, albeit during a tricky time to launch entrepreneurial efforts. “It was a really rough time to set up a business, but it gave me something to do during those hard times of COVID-19 last year.”

“I’m very invested – just to begin I needed a massage table, lights, products, and insurance, printers, payment systems, and business licences. I hope to one day purchase a second-hand van and offer mobile services.”

Georgia is working to find the balance between a viable business and her physical capacity, utilising her NDIS support that includes physical training. “I’m working hard to increase the muscle strength in my hands. I need to take breaks during the day, if I don’t, I’ll end up in hospital.”

“Without the loan, I wouldn’t have access to the training and education. I wouldn’t have been able to afford the course to get where I am. The repayments are so affordable.”

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